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Radix Nutrition One Day Package
Plant Based
Original 400/600kcal
Women’s/Teen Size Meals



Radix Nutrition One Day Package Plant Based ORIGINAL 400/600. Smaller size meals for smaller appetites.

A complete one day meal package to fuel you for your hiking adventure. Delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner packs available.

  • Please note, each meal pack is an assortment of the Radix Nutrition range of flavours. You will receive a mix of one of the following meals listed below for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have any specific requests, please leave a note in the order summary or contact us directly.

1 x BreakfastPlant Based Mixed Berry – Original 400 kcal

1 x Lunch- Plant Based Peri-Peri, Basil Pesto OR Smokey Barbecue – Original 400 Kcal

1 x Dinner- Plant Based Indian Curry, Mexican Chilli with Avocado OR Turkish Falafel – Original 600 kcal

  • Gluten Free
  • Plant Based
  • Vegetarian
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Soy Free
  • Non-GMO

Check product gallery for meals and list of ingredients 

Three meals per package. You can order more than one package. 

Please contact us if you have specific food requirements.

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