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We transfer hikers to the world renowned THORSBORNE TRAIL on Hinchinbrook Island, offer DAY TRIPS and PRIVATE CHARTERS on the original Hinchinbrook Island Ferry.

“If you haven’t been to Hinchinbrook Island it should be on your bucket list”.

Discover the iconic Hinchinbrook Island, Australia’s largest Island National Parks located within the Great Barrier Reef. Hinchinbrook offers mountainous scenery, mysterious wetlands and pristine beaches. Discover the wildlife of North Queensland including birds, crocodiles, dolphins, turtles, dugongs, manta rays and humpback whales.

Photo- Lisa Muhs

Hiking or visiting for a day trip spectacular Ramsay Bay is your first glimpse of the east coast of Hinchinbrook Island.

Roam the beach under the shadow of Mount Bowen North Queensland’s third highest mountain.

Climb Nina Peak for breathtaking views over Ramsay Bay and Missionary Bay on Hinchinbrook Island.

A minimum of three nights and four days is recommended to hike the Thorsborne Trail. Be prepared for extensive mangrove forests, rugged heath covered mountains, melaleuca swamps, deserted beaches and lush tropical rainforests.

Camping permits are required. To help minimise impact, and to maintain the wilderness setting, permits are issued for a maximum of 40 people on the trail at any time.

Ready for a cool dip in one of Hinchinbrook Islands tropical water falls, one of two safe swimming spots on Hinchinbrook Island.

Whether it’s tropical waterfalls, untouched beaches or rugged mountain ranges come and experience the magic of Hinchinbrook Island.


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“I recently traveled with Brad to and from Hinchinbrook lsland, he was on time, polite and friendly and provided a heap of great information about the trail as he was a member of Qld parks and wildlife service, I was able to hire an IRB for safety from him as well.”

“On return to Cardwell l lost one of my walking poles, I let Brad know and found it and I was able to pick it up a few days later. Really appreciated his help. If I go to Hinchinbrook again I would definitely be going with him. Thanks Brad, and thanks to Annette at Port of Call.”

Dean Maher

“Would really recommend using Brad’s services for Hinchinbrook Island or anything else in the region. His great sense of humour put us at ease before our hike and he has a wealth of knowledge about the area.”

“Pick ups were on time, advice was great, and a refreshing bevy was great after our hike. Look forward to using his service again!”

Ryan McKernan

“Fantastic service. I’ve rarely come across a tour operator that’s more professional, honest, knowledgeable and hospitable.  He’s been a true gentleman to deal with during our booking, during the ride over to the island and on the way back.”

“As we had some heavy rain in the last night, being the caring person he is, without any communication (since there is no service), he assumed we’d head back early and he waited for us an hour before our scheduled departure time. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Thomas Kaczmarczyk
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Hinchinbrook Island Cruises

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